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For 10 years now, the Central Coast has been waking up with Sarah and Dwayne for breakfast.

While Sarah King scours the newspapers for pics of butchers posing with their meat for the studio 'wall-o-meat', Dwayne 'Dude' Jeffries is surfing the web in search of hair replacement practitioners offering pro bono work!

It's a good thing Ross Bryant is next door in the 2GO Newsroom to add some cred to this shabby outfit. Rosco is the news guy that other news guys practice in front of the bathroom mirror to be. He has all your news covered every 30 minutes from 5am along with traffic every 15 minutes.

Top up your bank balance with Sarah and Dwayne's $1000 Minute at 7:40. Sarah writes the questions with the less than adequate assistance of Stan 'the sometimes tea lady' (yes Stan is a man's name - don't tell her, she'll be crushed).

Sarah has been hosting the Central Coast's most listened to breaky show for 21 years this year. Dwayne has been hanging around for a decade with her (in spite of her protestations).

Their goal: 'To get it right any day now'.

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